We Are Providing Modern Roofling Solutions

Roof lighting

With the help of skylights, we can help improve the appearance, ambience and general atmosphere of your home, whilst also enabling lots of energy efficiency in your home, saving you money and extra hassle.

Roof pointing

Secure your roof and ridge tiles by using our specialist roof repointing service, allowing your roof’s lifespan to last a lifetime.

Chimney flashing maintenance

Use us today for a professional and expert chimney maintenance service , where we replace and improve the appearance of chimneys which have even been left unkept, or are just old in age.

Cladding installation

Save money by using out cladding insulation service, designed to add greater insulation to your home, and also helps to nciely shape the appearance of your home.

Dry roof

We have the correct solutions to assist you with your damping needs, with us, you can ensure a top-quality service as well as helping to prevent your roof from further damage.

Loft conversion

We offer reliable and professional assistance in converting your loft into a functional living space, ensuring comfort and usability.


At Heathrow Roofing and Building Services, we guarantee expert woodwork services for roofing structures, including repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

Roofing insulation

Energy-efficient insulation solutions for your roof, reducing heat loss and enhancing overall thermal performance.

Roof extensions

Seamless integration of new roof extensions, enhancing space and functionality while maintaining aesthetic harmony.