Loft Conversion

We offer a range of roofing services including reroofing, chimney repairs, roof Flashing, installing valleys and gullies and roofs for garages sheds and porches . With our extensive knowledge and experience in roofing and insulation we can guarantee that our services are unmatched in offering a great value for your money.

Flat Roofs
We can replace and repairs all kinds of flat roofs whether it’s a felt roof or an asphalt one. Asphalt roofs often require regular maintenance being prone to weather damage, and if they are not checked timely, they can cause damage to the decking and the insulation also developing damps and moulds which can cause health and safety issues.

Pitched Roofs
We provide reroofing services for pitched roofs using only quality approved solutions that are all weatherproof, durable and strong. In addition, we also supply a variety of tiles including Asphalt shingles, clay (Spanish), slate providing a professional and cost-effective service. Most tilted roofs do not require maintenance up to 25 years once properly installed and majority of remedial work consists of repairing loose tiles or slipped slates. If these are not mended promptly or professionally the water can start damaging the roofs felt eventually leading to a leaking roof which is much more costly to fix. One effective solution for this is roof pointing which acts as a second layer creating a stronger hold for tiles whilst guarding the roof from dust and water. Nevertheless, we advise our customers to get them fixed as urgently as possible as loose tiles pose a serious safety hazard.

Chimney Repairs
Whether you need a quick minor repair or a major job we provide everything from replacing damaged chimney pots to rebuilding the whole chimney. Regular inspections of your chimney are a must as is, cleaning your chimney. In addition, it is vital that your chimney effectively extracts all the fumes and gases especially carbon monoxide (CO) which can otherwise lead to serious health hazards.

Loft Conversion

Fascias and Cladding
Installing fascias and soffits are cost effective ways to improve the appearance and value of your property. We provide a range of colours and choices in high quality UPVC products requiring very low maintained and having a life expectancy of 40+ years. These strong structures are much more durable than wood which can entails regular replacing, painting and maintenance. Additionally, improper care and maintenance of wooden fascias and soffits can lead to dampness and mould to develop which can damage the felt.

Valleys and Gullies
Large amounts of water building up on your roof can cause lasting damage to the roof and your property. Our Valleys come in a range of colours so they can match your roof and be aesthetically pleasing as well as effective in removing rainwater from your roof. Gullies are situated on the ground and they should be effectively designed to remove water from guttering and down pipes. We provide regular maintenance services ensuring that there is no blockage and also install gutter guards to prevent bird nests, twigs and leaves from blocking rainwater.

Roofing Insulation
Heat loss can lead to dramatic increase in bills. As 25% of Heat loss is recorded to be through the roof, it is essential to have your roof insulated if you want to reduce your heating bills. We provide both roof and loft insulation services at minimal costs making your home more energy efficient.