Loft Conversion

We provide high quality lead work whilst ensuring that all health and safety rules are observed in full. Although the initial investment of installing lead roofs are high but they are more economical in the long term lasting up to 100 years and requiring very low maintenance. In addition, lead roofs not only last three times longer than any other material but they are also very environmentally friendly as most of the lead used today is recycled.

Lead is also a great material for roofing as it is completely waterproof and corrosion free. Furthermore, lead is also a remarkably flexible material providing coverage to all parts of your roof and making your rooftop all weatherproof which is perfect for Britain’s unpredictable weather conditions.

Loft Conversion

We offer a range of services from heritage renovations and installations of all aspects of lead roofing. Some of our services include Lead Flashing, Lead Turrets, Chimney Aprons, Dormer windows, Parapets and Lead downpipes.

We make sure that all relevant health and safety requirements are met in all of our projects. Our skilled team is trained in health and safety, first aid and fire safety. We aim to minimize any disruption and inconvenience to all our customers while keeping the safety of the general public in mind whenever we undertake any project. In addition, all our works comply with the Lead Sheet Association regulation.