Health & Safety

Health and safety Facts

Health and safety of our clients at Heathrow Roofing and Building Services is of vital importance in all the projects we undertake. In addition, our team is trained in health and safety having done courses entailing all relevant guidance.
For all contractors and engineers accessing flat or pitched roofs safety systems are a key part of HSE requirements thus here at Heathrow roofing we take extra care to keep our staff and the general public safe.
In addition, when solving potentially hazardous issues like chimney repairs and lead work we take extra care by hiring relevant safety consultants to overlook the projects. Assisting with an imperative set of insurance for public and employees liable for up to 10 Million, for any injuries occurred at work or at another site and what not per the circumstance.
Employment and working conditions have a profound effect on health equity. Good working conditions can provide social and environmental protection, opportunities for personal development, and protection from physical and mental harm. They can also improve social relations and employee confidence and lead to better health outcomes.
Employee health is an essential requirement for household income, productivity and economic development. Therefore, restoring and maintaining functional capacity is an important function of health services.
Occupational health hazards, such as heat, noise, dust, hazardous chemicals, unsafe machinery and stress, could at times cause work-related illnesses and can exacerbate other health problems.
In addition to general health care, all employees – and especially those in high-risk – need health services to assess and reduce occupational risk, as well as medical attention to quickly diagnose work-related illnesses and injuries and injuries.
In regard to Covid-19, our team at Heathrow Roofing and Building Services make it certain to exhibit responsible and considerate behavior with adequate use of sanitary masks, anti-bacterial sanitizers and alongside regular covid tests. Making our workplace secure and health convenient not only for our team but for our cherished customers as well.
Stay home. Stay safe.


Q: What services you offer?

Ans: We offer a range of roofing services including reroofing, chimney repairs, roof Flashing and garages sheds and porches